Seeking Supply Chain Visibility?

Introducing the First Smart Pallet RM2 and AT&T Working Together we move it better.

The future and the past meet to bring you data from segments of the supply chain never captured accurately before. RM2 has created the first smart pallet connected to the Internet of Things through RM2ELIoT. RM2ELIoT is bringing the industry a highly durable, reusable pallet that can be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain while capturing actionable decision making data. The system utilizes the new AT&T LTE-M network that connects to the Internet of Things which provides customers a visual look at the movement of their pallets as well as key data points as it moves throughout their supply chain.

Need Help Reaching Sustainability Goals?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming sustainable operational initiatives. Learn how we are working together with AT&T to move it better and to reduce C02 emissions and enabling AT&T to reach their 10x 2025 goal. Using data from a peer reviewed life cycle assessment performed by Pure Strategies, the case study unlocks the economic and environmental savings delivered on the connected reusable pallet.

Full Case Study

BLOCKPal Pallet – Reusable and Reliable Pallet

No matter the task the BLOCKPal pallet is up to it – and then some. It offers far more pallet trips, yet it is easy to clean and highly durable, lasting 20X longer than traditional pallets. Everything you want modern pallets to be.

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RM2 BLOCKPAL Advantages

Advantages for Companies Receiving BLOCKPal Pallets

  • Cost Efficiencies – BLOCKPal’s many attributes create a very efficient long, trouble-free life that’s attractive for any supply chain.
  • No Limitations – The BLOCKPal pallet is suited for all mainstream handling systems and environments regardless of temperature, moisture or contaminants. Its non-porous surface makes it certified for food, pharmaceuticals and beverages. Its four-way block design won’t cave, bend or splinter, protecting employees from injury and products from damage.
  • Long Life Cycle — BLOCKPal durability and reuse eliminates many of the costs that businesses currently suffer in relation to wooden pallet replacement, recycling and repairs.
  • Fewer Goods Damage — BLOCKPal superior handling characteristics, damage resistance, rigidity and material can significantly reduce the expense of product damage, product contamination and returns of palletized products to the supplier.

Advantages for Companies Supplying BLOCKPal Pallets

  • Logistics Cost Efficiencies – BLOCKPal’s composite material provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio (than typical heavy duty wooden pallet) enabling fuel cost savings, reduced emissions and reduced maintenance, refurbishment or replacement incurred by less durable pallets.
  • Less Capital Intensive – RM2 facilitates a just-in-time model to deliver pallets ordered through the ERICA tracking system. Suppliers have reduced responsibility and costs associated with maintaining or sourcing a pallet stock of sufficient size to meet peak demand.
  • Less Damage — BLOCKPal’s high impact resistance and robust design reduces the incidence of product damage and returns.
  • Reduced Space Requirements — For significant savings for suppliers and logistics partners, RM2’s service offering frees up warehousing space that might be better utilized.
  • Better Retrieval and Pool Control — RM2 requires BLOCKPal users to adopt its straightforward pallet ordering and billing system through ERICA. This takes further costs away from suppliers and logistics providers.

Advantages for Both Companies

  • Improved Labor Environment – Improvements to health and safety, hygiene handling environment for staff.
  • Environmental Benefits – BLOCKPal’s lower weight means less fuel needed for transportation with fewer greenhouse gasses emitted. Its extra durability means far more trips per pallet with fewer replacement pallets needed, and fewer pallets destined for landfills. And with the ERICA tracking system, pallet loss is minimized further reducing user costs and greenhouse gas impact.