Pallets are used each day through-out the supply chain coming into regular contact with FLTs, racking, and various warehouse and vehicle environments.

Given the movement and multiple points of contact pallet washing is an important hygienic safety consideration in any operation that handles food or requires sanitary conditions.

Operating from its main UK ISO 22000 standard approved depot at Market Drayton, RM2 can now offer third party wash services to those companies looking for a high quality and hygienically traceable washing solution for all their plastic equipment needs.

Pallet Washing Machine

Why Clean Plastic Pallets?

This may be a requirement placed upon you by your customer to avoid any contamination threat but even in the case of no mandated requirement the cleaning of pallets can extend the life of the pallet and remove the risk of unsafe handling conditions in the event of grime or spillage build-up.

The two stage wash process offered by RM2 affords a disinfected non-caustic deep clean following our vigorous and established ISO processes. This includes the swabbing and recording of the RLU readings which can be downloaded electronically to provide you with a full hygienic audit trail of the sanitation of your equipment prior to its usage and deployment creating a great fit for any HACCP operated program.

Diagram of pallet washing process

  • Bespoke and Tailored requirements undertaken
  • Pallets, Layer Pads and reusable packaging
  • Adhesive label removal service
  • Seasonal or short term overflow work accommodated
  • A fully scalable service to fit your needs
  • ISO 22000 standard approved

For further information please contact:

  • RM2 Market Drayton office – 01630 638889
  • G Fisken (Operations Manager) – 07769 996515