The significant shareholders in RM2 are:

Shareholder Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of issued Ordinary Share capital Percentage of voting rights
Certain discretionary managed funds for which Woodford Investment Management Limited acting as discretionary investment fund manager 3,220,027,777 64.4% 48.2%*
Richard Cashin 593,546,436 11.9% 17.3%
R. Ian Molson and associated Family Trusts 295,860,083 5.9% 8.6%
Polygon Global Partners LLP 303,378,488 6.1% 8.8%
*The voting rights of Ordinary Shares held by LF Woodford Equity Income Fund, Omnis Income & Growth Fund and Woodford Patient Capital Trust Plc (each a fund managed by Woodford Investment Management Limited, acting as agent for and on behalf of each fund) are limited in aggregate to 19.5%, 19.5% and 49%, respectively, of the total number of votes of the Ordinary Shares in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association.

Last updated: 18 June 2018