RM2 is committed to policies across its business and activities that follow the spirit and letter of the law and highest ethical standards. We endeavor to maximize our sustainability profile and to act with the interests of all our stakeholders including clients, shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate, given utmost consideration

Sustainability of our services

Lower Weight

Increased Durability

Reduce Loss Rate

Lack of Chemical Treatment

Eco-Efficiency in Manufacturing

RM2 is committed to achieving the highest environmental standards across its operations. We seek to reduce potentially adverse impacts of our operations through innovation and best practice.

In addition to the sustainability benefits of our lightweight and durable pallets, RM2 continually strives to reduce the impacts of our manufacturing operation through a strategy that strives to improve our eco-efficiency performance in the areas of water, waste and CO2 from energy. Our strategy includes:

  • Reducing the impact of our pultrusion, fabricating and assembly operations
  • Bring efficiency to our global and regional purchasing
  • Adapting new technologies with reduced environmental impact
  • Seeking suppliers with similar eco-efficient strategies

Fairness in the Workplace

RM2 is committed to fair employment practices, including the prohibition against all forms of illegal discrimination. We are also committed to the development of our employees, providing them with opportunities and rewarding them fairly. By providing equal access and fair treatment to all employees on the basis of merit, RM2’s success is assessed while enhancing the progress of individuals and the communities where our businesses are located. RM2 is committed to observing all applicable labor and employment laws wherever we operate.

Health & Safety

Prevention of accidents and the welfare of employees and others is paramount. To help realize our zero-accident ambition we have put in place a series of initiatives and health and safety managers have direct reporting lines to senior management. Safety is a standing agenda item at management meetings.