RM2 AT&T Case Study: Unlocking the Potential of Connected, Reusable Pallets

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is empowering sustainable operational initiatives. RM2 and AT&T case study, Unlocking the Potential of the Connected Reusable Pallet explores the economic and environmental savings delivered on the connected reusable pallet. AT&T and RM2 worked with sustainability consultancies Carbon Trust and BSR to measure the benefits.

Using data from a peer reviewed life cycle assessment performed by Pure Strategies, the case study concluded that connectivity of the connected BLOCKPal pallet enables the client to potentially reduce 640 metric tons of CO2 (the equivalent of 72,000 gallons of gas) for every 1 million pallet trips.

Connectivity unlocks the benefits of reusable pallets. Connectivity empowers RM2’s clients to maintain oversight of inventory and prevent loss. Connectivity unlocks new data from segments of the supply chain that were previously out of reach.

The case study part of a larger effort from AT&T to measure the carbon benefits of its products and services. AT&T has set a goal to enable carbon reduction 10x the footprint of its operations by 2025. You can read more at www.att.com/10x. RM2 is honoured to be a part of this goal!

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