Move it better

Improve quality in your supply chain, achieve sustainability goals and control costs.

RM2 is an innovative supply chain solutions provider that works with its customers to understand the challenges within their logistics systems and bring the advantages of its revolutionary pallet and advanced tracking and optimization systems. Our approach is to present a solution that is right, measurable and manageable across economic, quality and sustainability criteria.

RM2’s BLOCKPal pallet is a unique, innovative and engineered composite product which has been extensively and independently tested by leading institutions and shown to outperform comparable products and industry standards. The BLOCKPal has characteristics including strength, durability, sustainability, uniformity, impermeability to water and contamination, natural fire retardency, resistance to damage and weight that together present a transformative platform for moving goods.

RM2 has proprietary systems for tracking asset movements and for optimising the utilisation and logistics of those assets that protect value and allows us to create significant operating efficiencies.

RM2 introduces simple and transparent pricing and so visibility over costs in an area where clear identification of costs has often been difficult. This leads to an ability to reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with relevant pallet movements.

  • The RM2 BLOCKPal is extremely durable
  • Formal testing to first failure significantly in excess of any wood or plastic alternative
  • With limited care and maintenance, expected pallet life is expected to exceed 200 trips
  • Significant operating efficiencies achieved when cost is spread over BLOCKPal’s greater working life
Quality Improvements
  • BLOCKPal quality allows clients to effectively address more supply chain issues
  • Non-porous surface ideal for use where cleanliness and contamination prevention are important
  • Pallet is suitable for use across a wide temperature range:
    • At least 176°F (80°C) to -40°F (-40°C) with no material effect on performance
  • Durability reduces breakage in automated and rough handling systems
  • Composition and strength provide remedy to many other inefficiencies in the supply chain
  • Peer-reviewed life cycle analysis of BLOCKPal and RM2 confirms it as the most sustainable option for supply chains
  • Reduces the environmental impact of customer operations